Kick Off Meeting in Zurich


At the Kickoff Meeting in Zurich all project partners from Belgium, Austria and Switzerland met for the first time. We started the first phase of our three-year project in a relaxed atmosphere, with wonderful weather and a good mood.

After getting to know each other for the first time, we were given an insight into the world of CARU. The CARU sensor is the key technology of the CARUcares project. The visions, working methods, and of course, the current state of development were presented. On the second day, each of the partner organizations introduced their institution and their role in the project. Procedures for future cooperation were established, tools for communication were defined, and the next steps were specified.

A thoroughly successful project start!

As project coordinator we are happy to work with this highly motivated and competent team. Together we combine expertise from research and development with the needs of our users and the market. We look forward to pushing the project forward together and developing new functions together with our customers.

Susanne Müller von CARU AG