Hochschule Luzern T&A / iHomeLab

iHomeLab (www.iHomeLab.ch) of the Hochschule Luzern is a leading research centre for building intelligence in Switzerland. Together with the support of its over 200 industrial partners, the iHomeLab team conducts application-oriented research in the areas of active assisted living (AAL), human building interaction, and energy efficiency. The AAL team researches and tests technologies that improve the quality of life of the elderly and maintain autonomy at home. In a user-centered way, meaningful solutions are developed together with older people, their relatives and organisations from the care sector, which unobtrusively support people at home in their everyday lives. Especially in assistance systems for the elderly or people in need of care, speech recognition and natural language processing enable low-threshold access, which is why these technologies have already been integrated as essential components in numerous projects. Further applications include the development of personal digital assistants and the recognition of activities of daily living. The iHomeLab team actively takes part in shaping new standards and technologies being a member of standards organisations as well as focusing on user driven solutions being part of the European Network of Living Labs. With the iHomeLab facility, a smart building on the campus, the iHomeLab team has a highly sophisticated testing and demonstration environment at its disposal.