New features for the field test


Now that the co-creation phase has been completed, the next project phase is about to begin. We have broadly discussed our findings from the workshops and interviews with affected care and nursing staff and examined them from different perspectives. We had to clarify conceptual questions and consider technical details so that we can achieve meaningful results in the subsequent field tests. For example, we asked ourselves which keywords CARU should respond to in the future and how useful free text input for care personnel can be.

The following functional enhancements are now on our roadmap:

Extended communication
Finding telephone numbers can often be tedious. For this reason CARU will be able to establish a connection to the hotline of the care facility via voice command. If this happens outside service hours, CARU will automatically record a voice message and transmit it as soon as the service center can be reached again. Vice versa, the service center can also send a voice message to CARU at any time.

Arrival time notification 
With several appointments of mobile care services a week, it can happen that you lose track of the situation. Since the service centers of the nursing services cannot be available around the clock for these requests, CARU will provide information here in the future. The arrival time notification is based on current personnel planning data and current movement data of the nursing staff.

Assistance to the nursing staff
Caregivers have their hands full. Therefore CARU will be able to "read out" task lists. The often annoying use of a smartphone during the visit is no longer necessary and clarity and transparency will be created. In addition, CARU offers the possibility to leave a voice memo to the next caregiver.

With this range of functions we have created a solid basis for reaching the next milestones in the coming months.