Here at CARUcares, we combine communication and assistance functions using the most natural form of operation known to humans: language. Unlike similar systems that are already available on the market, we ensure a high level of data protection with regard to voice processing and the responsible handling of personal data.

Arrival time notification

Users can request the arrival time of the upcoming care appointment or next concierge visit via voice command. In doing so, CARU can calculate the arrival time in real time from the scheduling data of the care service and the current position of the caregiver.

Advanced communication

Users can establish a telephone connection via voice command, e.g. to the central office of the care service or to the service center. If this happens outside of business hours or the call cannot be answered, there is an option to leave a voice message.

Documentation for caregiver

Caregivers or concierges can have a task list read aloud by CARU via voice command. This list is synchronized with the respective service center. Once a task is completed, it can be marked as done by the nursing staff or concierges via voice command.