The consortium

CARUcares is a collaborative AAL programme project that brings together eight competent partners from three countries.

CARUcares is a three-year research project that seeks to build on existing knowledge. Our objective is to further improve CARU, thereby accelerating its entry to the B2C market and stepping up its internationalisation.

We are a project consortium of eight renowned partners from three different countries. Together, we want to have a positive and sustainable influence on the lives of over 3 million elderly people in need of care.


Businesspartner, Swizerland

CARU is a Switzerland based company spearheading the AgeTech market with a digital flatmate for elderly and care-dependent people. It is a voice-first solution which provides safety to its users by empowering social interactions and autonomy in everyday life. Today, the patented solution is already in use in different care institutions across Switzerland and Germany. It has been awarded in various occasions and acclaimed by market experts as game-changing in its field.

bonacasa AG

Enduser Partner, Swizerland

bonacasa is a first mover and pioneer in the area ‘living with services’. The company is a subsidiary of the bonainvest Holding AG which is a real estate company in Solothurn, Switzerland. bonainvest has built barrier-free apartments according to the bonacasa building and safety standards for 20 years. Currently, bonacasa offers ‘service living’ in over 1000 apartments that were built by bonainvest. bonacasa is also a leader in Switzerland in deploying and providing home automation as part of their service offer. Today, bonacasa organises and operates ‘service living’ also for B2B partners like tourist regions, municipalities, third real estate companies and others. Residents of more than 9000 apartments are served by bonacasa at the moment. However, this number is expected to rise massively in the next years.

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt

Systemarchitecture and development, Austria

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FHWN) was founded as the first of its kind in 1994. Currently, more than 4000 students are enrolled in Bachelor or Master programmes at one of our campuses: Wiener Neustadt, Wieselburg, Tulln and Vienna. At present FHWN has five faculties: Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Security, and Sport. Internationally networked as well as firmly anchored on a regional level, FHWN provides extensive and future-oriented educational and research programmes.

In addition to a high practical relevance, our focus is on applied research. Within the CARU cares project, FHWN is involved in the co-creation and requirements process.This includes the conception and implementation of a component for location and context analysis, as well as the evaluation of the system.

Hochschule Luzern T&A / iHomeLab

Projektcoordination, Systemarchitecture and development, Swizerland

iHomeLab ( of the Hochschule Luzern is a leading research centre for building intelligence in Switzerland. Together with the support of its over 200 industrial partners, the iHomeLab team conducts application-oriented research in the areas of active assisted living (AAL), human building interaction, and energy efficiency. The AAL team researches and tests technologies that improve the quality of life of the elderly and maintain autonomy at home. In a user-centered way, meaningful solutions are developed together with older people, their relatives and organisations from the care sector, which unobtrusively support people at home in their everyday lives. Especially in assistance systems for the elderly or people in need of care, speech recognition and natural language processing enable low-threshold access, which is why these technologies have already been integrated as essential components in numerous projects. Further applications include the development of personal digital assistants and the recognition of activities of daily living. The iHomeLab team actively takes part in shaping new standards and technologies being a member of standards organisations as well as focusing on user driven solutions being part of the European Network of Living Labs. With the iHomeLab facility, a smart building on the campus, the iHomeLab team has a highly sophisticated testing and demonstration environment at its disposal.

Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gGmbH

Enduser Organisation, Austria

Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gemeinnützige GmbH is part of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Austria. JOAFG aims to provide health related knowledge to the broad public (First Aid Lectures) as well as training and education to medical professionals in care and emergency medical services. In 1974, the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Austria was established to provide professional emergency care and follow the principals of a Christian organization and care provider. Since 2012, JOAFG has its own research facility with a demo apartment for AAL technologies in the Johanniter senior residendy. JOAFG is active in research projects from regional to international level in the field of Active and Assisted Living (e.g. AAL JP, benefit), Health related topics (e.g. H2020) as well as Security Research (e.g. H2020, KIRAS). The expertise from an academic perspective is given as the personal of Johanniter Research and Innovation Centre is well established by communication and social science, psychology, philosophy, care science, public health, jurisdiction and socio-economics. Johanniter has a high expertise in methodologies of empirical social science. User involvement with ethical considerations and technological foresight is a main topic of Johanniter.

Schneeweis Wittmann ≈ Design Digital Analog

User Interface und Branddesign, Austria

The design duo Schneeweis Wittmann develops and implements projects for a large number of customers from various industries. The main focus is on the creation of overall visual concepts. As part of this, they design and implement logos, websites and printproducts for communication at different levels. All Schneeweis Wittmann projects are tailored to the needs of users and customers. Therefore, they start new projects always from the perspective of the user, with their needs and application processes always at the center of their approach. Schneeweis Wittmann works both in the area of research and prototyping in cooperation with universities and scientific institutes on the development of user interfaces as well as directly with end customers on commercial projects.

Senior Living Group

Enduser Organisation, Belgium

SLGR is a group active in older care in all Belgian regions (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia). Today, the Group has 53 facilities, where 6,500 residents (in nursing homes; assisted living facilities, day care centers, etc.) are treated and supported by 3,000 employees. Senior Living Group is part of Korian, a large European group active in France, Germany, Italy and Belgium. The Korian-group has over 600 facilities and takes care of 57,500 people with 40,000 employees. The research centre “Korian Institute for Ageing Well” is meant to put thinking and innovation at the heart of its approach and carries out applied research to explore new solutions and continually improve the daily lives of the older people, their families and caregivers.

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Co-Creation and evaluation, Austria

The WU Vienna University of Economics and Business one of the EU’s largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences. The Research Institute for Economics of Aging was founded in 2006 to bring together WU’s researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds and to contribute to the understanding of socio-economic living conditions of older people and the economic challenges of aging societies. For the last years, research projects have been conducted on outcome measurement of long-term care, focusing on quality-of-life effects, care service provision and informal care. National and international projects have dealt with the effects of assistive technologies on older people’s well-being.