Co-Creation Workshops


By utilizing a user-centric approach throughout the co-creation process, we were able to include the feedback of care workers and service staff in the development of new CARU functions. They provided some insight into their daily tasks and shared their experiences and offered some direction related to care documentation, communication and information needs of clients for arrival notification. 

Creative techniques, such as the Walt Disney Method, helped us to create a stimulating setting for participants to share their ideas and make suggestions regarding the development of new features, while also helping us identify potential challenges. We thus gained very valuable insights into the wishes, needs and working conditions of our end-user partners.

In total, we conducted five workshops in collaboration with the organizations of our end-user partners: two at bonacasa AG in Oensingen (CH), two at Johanniter Austria in Innsbruck (AT) and one at the Senior Living Group in Kontich (BE). The workshops and their schedule were designed by the WU Wien and implemented in the individual countries by the end-user partners together with the technical partners (CARU AGFH Wiener Neustadt and iHomeLab). The documents and presentations for the workshops in the new CARUcares design were provided by Schneeweis Wittmann.  Currently, the evaluation and analysis of the collected data is in progress.

At the co-creation workshops, many relevant inputs from experts were collected. This user-oriented approach is very valuable from bonacasa's perspective. Employees from the service center, the emergency call center and concierges contributed their experience with customers from everyday life. In addition, care specialists from the Roggenpark in Oensingen and the Läbesgarte in Biberist described relevant aspects of outpatient care at home with customers.

Emanuel Gfeller von bonacasa AG