Acceptance Test



Here we go! We want to know more about how end users react to CARU in a real environment. We were able to recruit 25 test persons in three facilities of bonacasa AG in Switzerland. Under curious eyes we installed CARUs in the respective residential units. In the process, we were able to determine a lively interest in and early acceptance of the "new digital roommate". A good prerequisite for a smooth running of the upcoming test phase.

The so-called acceptance test was developed by WU Wienbonacasa AG and CARU AG. The emergency call function is tested, which is triggered via voice with a simple "Help – Help!" and establishes a telephone connection to an emergency call center. In the two-month test period we want to find out whether and in what form the voice-activated emergency call is used and which factors facilitate or hinder its use.

CARU looks like a nice cream jar that I once had. I can still remember the good smell. And now it can even help me if I should get into trouble.

Test participant, 78 years

In an introductory talk we informed the test subjects about the test procedure and introduced them to the functionality of CARU. Of course, our participants' health and safety is our primary concern. Therefore, all project staff members who come into personal contact with test subjects adhere to the regionally applicable COVID-19 measures.